Garnet Ring


      Garnet engagement rings prove that sometimes the most unexpected pieces of jewelry can also be the most magnificent. If you’re searching for an opulent design with a rich history, explore our bespoke collection of vintage garnet rings.

      Garnet Gemstone Features

      There is perhaps no gemstone that is more regal than garnet. Bold and beautiful, these stones are warm and fiery red, unmistakably romantic.

      • Natural Fire. The name “Garnet” comes from a 14-century word meaning “seed-like.” This name references the popular pomegranate fruit, whose seeds closely resemble the color of a translucent red garnet.
      • Color Variations. Red is the most common and popular color variation of garnet. That said, green, yellow, purple, and blue garnets can be found in nature as well.
      • A Rich Past. Because these stones are widespread and mined throughout the world, they have been popular in jewelry for millennia and are found in different jewelry eras, including the Art Deco and Victorian periods, as well as mid-century designs from the 1940s and 1950s.
      • A Modern Symbol. Garnet is the birthstone of January and traditionally linked to second wedding anniversaries.

      Garnet Engagement Ring Designs

      Gorgeous red garnets are the perfect way to symbolize your fiery passion for your significant another. Often paired with opulent gold settings or exquisite metalwork, garnets possess an elegant inner glow that will continually capture her imagination.

      For extra brightness and luster, garnets are often paired with pearls, diamonds, moonstone, and other gems, creating eye-catching, unique designs. Often set in yellow or rose gold to enhance its natural color, more modern designs also set garnets in white gold or platinum for a sleek, updated appeal.

      Find The Perfect Garnet Ring

      The lavish, wine-like color of garnets always results in a showstopping piece of jewelry that is undeniably luxurious. If she is a classic beauty that appreciates the finer things, shop our curated collection to find the perfect garnet ring!

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      54 products