Georgian Era Engagement Rings

      Since the Georgian era lasted for over a century, from 1714 thru 1837, the jewelry was varied, eclectic,  and most impressively extravagant. The term Georgian refers to the time when King George I-IV reigned.  Affluent people during this time were the ones who displayed this exquisite jewelry.  Mine cut and rose cut diamonds were the gems of choice, while more colorful gemstones like emeralds sapphires and rubies made an appearance later in the 1700's.  Be transported to another era by browsing our exquisite online collection of rare Georgian rings, and jewelry.                      

      Defining Traits

      Because the Georgian era lasted so long, there were different styles categorized throughout this time period; Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical periods. It was common for upper class women to own daytime and evening jewelry. They would show their rubies, emeralds, and other colored stones in the daylight to shine, while in the evening diamonds sparkled the most with candlelight. 

           •  Sparkling Gemstones. Beautiful semi precious gemstones such as                               moonstones, garnets, and topaz began to take center stage in engagement                 rings.

           •  Rare RingsHandcrafted rings came into fruition, while mother natures designs           were celebrated with with butterflies and flowers.

           •  Timeless JewelryNecklaces, pendants, pins, and brooches became popular             during the historic Georgian era.

           •  Historic Era. Diamonds were hard to come by, while gemstones became more             accessible and popularity increased.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      Currently, Georgian jewelry has become very hard find, therefore when you do find a piece, it is considered quite rare.  When you do find that ornate piece, you will surely wear it like royalty for your lifetime.

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