June Birthstone Rings


      People born in June are lucky enough to have three birthstones, so June birthstone rings can feature pearls, alexandrites, or moonstone. Whether your taste runs to the mysterious glow of pearls, the fascinating color changes of alexandrites, or the fascinating play of color in a moonstone, you have a choice of beautiful vintage rings and jewelry. Learn more about June birthstone rings, and find the perfect ring for your loved one in our extensive yet carefully curated collection.

      About June Birthstone Rings

      Alexandrites are the most recently-discovered among these stones and are the rarest and most expensive. In daylight, they look green, while under artificial light, they look red. They were discovered in Russia in 1830 and later in Brazil, Sri Lanka, and East Africa. Pearls are much more widely available in a range of colors, though the most popular colors are white and black. However, both white and black pearls have a range of additional tones in different shades. Moonstones are also widely available, but the most treasured kind, clear stones with a clean
      blue shimmer on the top, are very rare.

      June Birthstone Ring Designs

      Moonstones symbolizes the feminine, intuition, new beginnings, and inner wisdom. Unlike almost every other gem, pearls are already perfectly shaped by nature and do not need cutting or polishing to bring out their beauty. Most pearls in contemporary jewelry are cultured pearls. Vintage jewelry from before the 1920s boasts natural pearls.

      • Royal Gemstone - Pearls have been associated with royalty for centuries. According to legend, Cleopatra bet Mark Anthony she could consume a meal worth a fortune, and won by dissolving one of her magnificent pearls in wine. Queen Elizabeth I treasured pearls, wearing great necklaces of hundreds of pearls.
      • Historical Eras - Moonstones became fashionable during the Art Nouveau period, when designers were inspired by the mysterious blue (called a schiller) that seems to float on the surface. They became widely popular again during the 1960s.
      • Anniversary - Pearl symbolizes the third anniversary and is associated with innocence, purity, chastity and modesty. Moonstone is said to bring good luck to travelers. This belief may also come from its association with the moon, since in the days before streetlights, moonlit nights were considerably safer for travel than dark nights.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      Whatever your preference for June birthstone rings, pearl, alexandrite or moonstone, we have a beautiful piece of vintage jewelry waiting for you. To find the perfect June birthstone ring for the love of your life, explore our collection of vintage rings today.

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      27 products