Low Profile Engagement Rings


      Low profile engagement rings became popular during the late 1800's, and are still quite fashionable today. Low profile rings are appealing to many due to their versatility, and are extremely comfortable to wear since they lay so close to the finger. For a gorgeous every day look, and confidence knowing your diamond is securely set, a low profile antique ring could be the ideal choice to provide you with a lifetime of happiness. Find that perfect engagement ring that is so easy to wear everyday within our vast collection of low profile vintage engagement rings.

      Low Profile Engagement Ring Designs

      The low profile setting of a vintage ring offers a delicate look, along with complete security of your diamond or gemstone. Whether you yearn for a classic solitaire, or the romance of the Victorian era, we are confident you will find the perfect low profile set diamond ring that you will forever treasure.

      • Extreme Versatility and Safety - Low profile rings are set to lay close to your finger, offering the versatility to wear it on either hand safely and securely.
      • Classic Styles - Many different vintage styles are found with this setting, including solitaire, bezel, halo, or even a glamorous dinner ring.
      • Historic Eras - You can find these beautiful and delicate rings within each era of history including the Victorian, Art Deco and the Fabulous Fifties.
      • Timeless Gemstones - The options of gemstones to include are endless. Rose cut, mine cut, old European cut diamonds, and even sapphires, rubies and emeralds can be incorporated in these functional, yet elegant, settings.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      Having a low profile engagement ring allows you to proudly display your treasure every day while feeling confident it is securely set close to your skin. These settings offer you a versatility like none other, and are sure to invoke that unremarkable feeling of love to anyone who sees.

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      68 products