March Birthstone Rings


      Aquamarine, with its wide range of springtime cool blue tones, is the perfect stone for March birthstone rings. Just like March is a blend of winter and spring, aquamarine ranges from an icy light blue to soft and clear blues and blue greens. Explore our collection of authentic aquamarine rings offering many unique and timeless styles.

      About March Birthstone Rings

      Aquamarines are a type of beryl, so related to emeralds, morganite, which comes in shades of pink, and heliodor, with its sunny yellows. Aquamarines have always been popular, but became superstar stones for Art Deco jewelry designers. Their cool hues and large size made them perfect for the flashy geometric styles of the period.

      March Birthstone Ring Designs

      Most aquamarine comes from Brazil, but Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Tanzania also produce aquamarines.

      • Stunning Jewelry - After the president of Brazil sent Queen Elizabeth II an aquamarine necklace as a coronation gift, she expanded her collection of aquamarine jewelry and commissioned an aquamarine and diamond tiara.
      • Famous Mines - Some of the most desirable types of aquamarine are the Espirito Santo and Santa Maria varieties, both mined in Brazil.
      • Flawless Quality- Even affordable aquamarines should not have visible flaws, unlike emeralds, where minor but visible flaws are common.
      • Historic Gemstones - The largest faceted aquamarine in the world is the Dom Pedro aquamarine in the Smithsonian, which weighs 10,363 carats.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      Whether you’re buying it as a March birthstone ring, wedding or engagement ring, or just as a beautiful piece of jewelry, aquamarine rings are a sophisticated and distinctive choice. Pick out the perfect vintage piece today. To find the perfect March birthstone ring for the love of your life, explore our collection of aquamarine rings today. 

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      56 products