Mid-Century Engagement Rings


      The middle of the 20th century, extending from the 1940s to the 1970s, was a unique and iconic period in time. The economic boom that followed the end of World War II meant that many people were able to enjoy life and luxury in a way that they never had before. During this era, Hollywood’s golden age also gave rise to silver screen starlets and explosive pop culture trends. Explore our curated collection of Mid-Century engagement rings to discover a range of timeless pieces from this period that your loved one is sure to cherish.

      Many Gorgeous Styles

      Early in the era, more classic, feminine designs with fluid patterns were most popular, and diamonds were preferred. Rings from the 1940s maintained Art Deco elements and pre-war influence. Jewelry from the 1950s onward, however, became more streamlined and minimalistic in design. In the 1960s, more colorful rings emerged to represent the free spirit of the decade, and bolder, more geometric lines were popular. Individualism and personal flair were praised during this time, so very distinctive rings can be found.

      • Diamonds & Gemstones - Diamonds were often paired with precious gemstones for more colorful rings. Accent stones helped to add extra sparkle for more elaborate designs—though simple solitaires were still popular as well.
      • Gold & Platinum - Yellow and white gold were the most popular metals, though platinum was also featured in many rings.
      • Simply Lovely - The intricate metalwork common in the Victorian and Edwardian periods was replaced with more minimalist bands and settings.
      • Exceptional Designers - Top jewelry designers all contributed to the Mid-Century era. Vintage styles from designers like Bulgari, Tiffany, and Harry Winston remain popular today.

      Something For Everyone

      Our Mid-Century engagement ring collection truly contains something for everyone. From the more modest styles of the 1940s to the incredibly unique designs of the 60s and 70s, you’re sure to find a ring that captures the spirit and style of you or your loved one.

      390 products

      390 products