Moonstone Rings


      Moonstones are nothing short of magical. Their supernatural inner glow produces a remarkable luster that is both decadent and dreamlike. Perfect for anyone who finds inspiration in the sky above, our collection of vintage moonstone rings offers a range of pieces that are simply unforgettable. 

      About Moonstones

      Moonstones are a variety feldspar, a stone that covers over 60 percent of the earth’s crust. These precious gemstones are often overlooked and underappreciated, but they possess a truly spectacular, lustrous quality that makes them stand out. With a ghostly, ethereal sheen, moonstone has a lifelike quality unseen in other gems. Their appearance is unlike any other crystalline gemstone, featuring an opalescent style and mysterious inner glow.

      • Remarkable Adularescence. The unique sparkle of a moonstone is known as “adularescence.” This occurs because light is scattered between the gem’s thin layers of feldspar.
      • Soft Surface. Moonstones are a soft material that can scratch or break easily. Because of this, rings that include moonstones typically feature a secure setting or a halo of additional gemstones.
      • Mysterious Power. Ancient people believed that moonstones were powerful stones comprised of literal moonbeams. They were said to bring the wearer good fortune and intense feelings of love, especially during a full moon. This gem is often associated with inner awareness and personal growth, as well as passion, wisdom, and the rhythms of life.
      • Polished, Not Faceted. Moonstones used in vintage jewelry are cabochons, stones that are polished rather than faceted. You’ll only find multi-faceted moonstones in contemporary jewelry designs.
      • Alternative June Birthstone. As an alternative birthstone for June, moonstone is perfect for any celebration in that month, or for a unique and stunning piece at any time of year.

      Moonstone Ring Designs

      Popular in Victorian engagement rings and often alongside faceted gemstones like diamonds, moonstone creates a romantic design with timeless appeal. White is the most common and desirable moonstone color, but this gem also occurs in peach, green, gray, and brown hues—all of which share its unique luster.

      Although moonstones are captivating on their own, dynamic jewelry designs featuring dark gemstones or black accents contrast beautifully with their milky white color. Glittering gemstones sometimes accent cabochon moonstones so a traditional sparkle can be present. Halo settings are often used to secure delicate moonstones in place as well.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      There is something about the unique radiance of a moonstone that inspires a continual sense of wonder. If you’re shopping for a woman that shines in a unique way, consider a ring from our curated selection of moonstone rings. 

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      11 products