Non-Diamond Engagement Rings


      Non-diamond engagement rings offer a wide range of beautiful and meaningful alternatives to traditional diamond-centered designs. While diamonds are the most popular type of engagement ring today, vintage gemstone rings offer a beautiful selection of non-diamond options if diamonds are not to your taste. Learn more about non diamond engagement rings, and find the perfect gemstone ring for your loved one in our extensive yet carefully curated collection.

      About Non Diamond Engagement Rings

      Some of the most popular non-diamond engagement rings feature the passionate reds of rubies, the soothing blues of sapphires, and the mysterious greens of emeralds.

      Non Diamond Engagement Ring Designs

      In the Victorian period, garnets were some of the most popular non-diamond engagement rings. They are generally deeper red than rubies, but come in all shades.

      • Amethyst Rings - Amethysts are consistently popular, whatever the period, and make striking and affordable non-diamond engagement rings.
      • Vintage Jewelry - Victorian jewelry features smaller gemstones, so if you’re looking for a big statement ring, consider mid-century and vintage non-diamond engagement rings.
      • Mid-Century - If you love the dramatic look of the 1950's, big solitaire gemstone rings make mesmerizing non-diamond engagement rings.
      • Alternative Rings - Other popular alternative engagement rings from the Victorian period include pearls and turquoise, either separately or together.

      Find The Perfect Non Diamond Engagement Ring

      Whatever kind of alternative ring you’re looking for, there are stunning vintage engagement rings for you to choose from. And if the ring of your dreams has diamond accent stones, because they are vintage, they do not have the same carbon footprint that new diamonds do, so it’s still an eco-friendly choice. Browse our timeless selection today, or have one of our experts help guide you with expert advice on stones and style.  

      285 products

      285 products