Non-Traditional Engagement Rings


      If you’re looking for a non-traditional engagement ring, vintage engagement rings can be the ideal choice. They offer beauty and style, but you have a much wider range of choices than the traditional diamond solitaire. Whatever your reason for looking for a non-traditional ring, you can find a vintage style to suit your needs.

      About Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

      Most traditional engagement rings are either diamonds or smaller colored stones set with diamonds. Mid-century rings are a striking alternative, with big colored gems, usually set in rectangular cuts.

      Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Designs

      If you’re looking for something more understated in a non-traditional engagement ring, Victorian colored stone rings often feature colored stones without diamonds, including turquoise, opal, and peridot as choices outside the contemporary mainstream.

      • Birthstone Rings - Birthstone rings are a lovely way to reflect symbolism in a non-traditional ring, or you can pick a favorite color.
      • Mix and Match - Most vintage non-traditional engagement rings also complement a traditional ring, if you want to mix historic tradition with new beginnings for your wedding.
      • Ruby Gemstones - Deep and passionate red, rubies are the perfect gemstone to serve as an everlasting symbol of your love and commitment.
      • Sapphire gemstones - Slightly mysterious and decidedly decadent, sapphires make for truly a stunning engagement ring.

      Find The Perfect Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

      Whether by choosing a different type of stone or different type of setting, vintage jewelry offers a variety of romantic and fascinating non-traditional engagement rings. Talk with one of our experts or browse our curated collections today.

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      286 products