Old European Cut Diamond Rings


      The old European cut diamond shape, also called the old Euro cut or round old mine cut, is a predecessor in the evolution of the modern round brilliant. The stone still has a round shape and 58 facets, but is hand-cut rather than precision cut with automatic guidance. This means the stone may have less symmetry than modern diamonds, though that does give the stone individuality and character that may be missing from stones without that hands-on touch. If you’re looking for a spectacular piece of jewelry, you’ll find it within our bespoke collection of vintage old European cut diamond rings.

      Old European Cut Diamond Design

      The antique nature of old European cut diamonds makes them increasingly rare. The following features can allow you to easily identify a diamond with this classic cut:

      • Predecessor of Modern Diamonds - Just like today’s diamonds, old European cut diamonds feature 58 facets. In these antique stones, however, the facets are typically larger and more distinct.
      • Visible Culet - The culet is the facet located at the bottom of a diamond. With old European cut diamonds, this facet is large and pronounced enough to be seen by the naked eye.
      • Art Deco Popularity - Old mine cut diamonds were popular during the Victorian and Edwardian While there is some overlap, this more modern old European cut was very popular in the bold designs from the Art Deco Era.
      • Rare & Unique - Diamonds of this variety come from a time when every single gemstone was carefully cut by hand. While this means that there may be visible flaws or imperfections, these characteristics only add to their captivating charm.

      Find the Perfect Old European Cut Diamond Ring

      The old European cut is a time-honored choice for an engagement ring and can be a stunning choice for any couple. Learning more about the rich history of old European cut engagement rings can help you decide if this is the best diamond cut to share with your partner and begin a lifetime of happy anniversaries. Find the perfect ring within our curated collection of old European cut diamond engagement rings.

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      508 products