Old Mine Cut Diamond Rings


      Prevalent in antique engagement rings, mine cut diamonds are impossible to ignore. Increasingly uncommon in the modern era, these meticulously cut gemstones are a testament to the craftsmanship of traditional manufacturing techniques. For a ring with antique elegance, look no further than our collection of vintage mine cut rings.

      Why Old Mine Cut Diamond?

      Old mine cut diamonds hail from an era when every gemstone was carefully cut and polished by hand by a master craftsman. Here are just a few defining characteristics of these beautifully cut diamonds:

      • Multi-Faceted Design - Every old mine cut diamond features a distinctive square shape and 58 facets. They possess a smaller table, larger culet, and higher crown than today’s brilliant cut diamonds.
      • Perfectly Imperfect - Unlike diamonds today, old mine cut diamonds were carefully cut by hand. This makes every stone completely unique. Slightly uneven facets or asymmetrical shapes only add to their overall charm.
      • Defining Design Periods - This cut was most prevalent during the Victorian and Edwardian If you select a diamond engagement ring from either of these design periods, it will likely feature an old mine cut diamond.
      • Precursor to Old European Cut - Many people mistakenly believe that old mine cut diamonds are the same as old European cut diamonds. Old European cut diamonds, however, are much more round and feature markedly different design elements.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      There is a fifth “C” of vintage old mine cut diamonds, one that must not be overlooked – character. Mine cut diamonds have a rich history and showcase the values and preferences of a wide range of eras. Browse our bespoke collection of vintage old mine cut engagement rings that will suit her unique sense of style.

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      172 products