Opal Engagement Rings


      There is something simply magical about opal. Endlessly enchanting, each milky white stone features a dazzling array of colors and a unique sense of style. Opals don’t just sparkle—they glisten, change colors, and feature fantastic flashes of light that continually demand attention. Explore our curated collection of opal engagement rings to discover a truly one of a kind ring. 

      About Opal Gemstones

      Opal is a luxurious, iridescent gem with fiery color that sparks from deep within the stone to give it a lifelike spirit and unique charm. A kaleidoscope of colors flashes whenever they catch the light. Their inherent iridescence makes them unlike any other traditional gemstone. 

      • Supernatural Sparkle - Many cultures believe that opalescent stones carried supernatural powers. Early Arabic people, for example, believed that opals fell from the heavens and contained flashes of lightning from the sky above. 
      • Ancient Symbolism - Opal’s name comes from the Roman world “opalus,” which means “precious stone.” A symbol of purity, truth, and harmony, ancient Greeks believed that opals guarded against disease. Today, opal is also considered the birthstone of October.
      • Surprising Structure - Opals are formed when rain showers soak through underground rock formations. During dry spells, solid deposits of silica are formed between layers of sedimentary rock. These layers create opals.  
      • Color Varieties - White, gray, and green opals are the most common shades. This gem can also be found with a black background, though that is rare. All opals share the iridescent sparkling that makes this precious gemstone so distinct.

      Opal Engagement Ring Designs

      Stunning in vintage rings, pendants, and brooches, opal is often set in yellow gold and accented with diamonds to add even more light and life to the piece. Opal pieces were particularly prominent in Victorian jewelry because of their delicate, feminine appeal that matched the romantic designs of the era. As a birthstone for October and the symbolic gem for the fourteenth wedding anniversary, an opal ring is ideal to celebrate or commemorate special occasions.

      Find the Perfect Opal Engagement Ring

      When it comes to unconventional engagement rings, nothing beats the unique radiance of a fiery opal. Magical, mysterious, and always eye-catching, shop our selection to find a vintage opal ring that is simply unforgettable.

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      49 products