Pave Engagement Rings


      Pave engagement rings feature stones set so closely together in the metal that it looks as though the metal is paved with gems, which is how this style got its name, from the French word for paved. This is a stunning and dramatic style, one that calls for great technical precision.

      About Pave Engagement Rings

      Many diamond engagement rings are entirely pave, while others feature pave setting just on the shank, the sides of the ring, and feature focal stones at the top of the ring. Either is a stunning look.

      Pave Engagement Ring Designs

      A pave engagement ring with the same stone for the pave and the center stone will
      make it seem larger. A setting with a different stone makes for a gorgeous contrast.

      • Beautiful Metalwork - Micro pave engagement rings feature stones so tiny that jewelers often use microscopes for the intricate metalwork.
      • Master Jewelers - In a u-cut pave setting, the jeweler cuts little sideways u-shapes in the side of the metal, which lets extra light in under the stone.
      • Versatility - Like eternity rings, you can choose either a full pave or a semi pave engagement ring. In the full pave, the pave setting extends all the way around the stone, while the semi pave goes halfway around. Women who work with their hands or with gloves on may prefer the semi pave. A semi pave is easier to resize than a full fave, if this is a consideration.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      Pave engagement rings are a classic for any style, sophisticated, romantic, geometric, or abstract. While quality is important with any jewelry, it is especially important with a pave engagement ring, since these settings must be absolutely precise to keep the stones from falling out. Browse our selection of pave rings today or talk to one of our experts for friendly personal advice.

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      13 products