Pearl Engagement Rings


      A symbol of luxury and popular among members of high society, there’s something endlessly classy about pearls. For a unique engagement ring with an impeccable sense of style, explore our curated collection of pearl engagement rings.

      About Pearls

      The oldest gem, and the only gem found organically in living organisms, pearl is lustrous and stunning with a rich, iridescent sheen.

      • A Decadent Icon. Pearls have long been a symbol of wealth and prosperity. They were worn by Chinese royalty as far back as 2206 BC. 
      • Mysterious Origins. We now are very familiar with how pearls form within mollusks. Before modern science, however, people viewed pearls as a precious gift from the earth that exemplified the mysterious yet life-sustaining power of water. 
      • Color Varieties. Most pearls have a creamy white or ivory color. That said, rare pearls can be found that are pink, black, gray, silver, and blue. 
      • Pearl is the June birthstone as well as the gemstone used to symbolize third anniversaries. Pearls are often associated with innocence, purity, chastity, modesty, and of course, romance and love, all of which are ideal traits for wedding jewelry.

      Pearl Engagement Ring Designs

      Although a pearl solitaire would be unexpectedly elegant, most engagement ring designs feature pearls as accent stones alongside diamonds and other precious gemstones. Their milky white color contrasts beautifully against traditional translucent gemstones while never standing in the way of their sparkle. Garnets, diamonds, amethyst, and even turquoise all look extra stunning when paired with pearls.  

      Find the Perfect Pearl Engagement Ring is committed to bringing you only the most elegant and highest quality pearl engagement rings. Our collection is carefully curated from estate sales and similar resources worldwide to ensure the gems are authentic as well as lovely and distinctive. No two pearls are the same, and pearl jewelry is just as unique. 

      40 products

      40 products