Peridot Rings


      Peridot exudes an enigmatic green glow that is nothing short of extraordinary. Stylish and stunning, these gemstones are a bold, sophisticated choice if you are looking for a sparkling piece of jewelry that defies convention in the best way possible. To find a ring that will take her breath away, browse our curated collection of vintage peridot rings. 

      Why Peridot?

      Peridot is a gemstone-quality variation of the mineral olivine. The presence of iron and magnesium contribute to its captivating yellow-green hue. For a sunny green gem, it’s hard to beat the yellow-green tones of peridot.

      • Solar Associations. Egyptians long associated peridots with radiant light. Referred to by ancients as “the gemstone of the sun,” this gem was believed to ward off evil spirits and other terrors of the night. 
      • Intergalactic Origins. Most peridot gemstones are formed deep within the earth. That said, very few also have extraterrestrial origins. Recently, peridot was found in comet dust that was collected by the Stardust robotic space probe. 
      • Volcanic Movement. Peridot comes to the earth’s surface via volcanic eruptions. Miners often find peridot within lava flows and in pockets of solidified molten rock. 
      • Emeralds in Disguise. People often mistake peridot as emerald. Some historians believe that Cleopatra’s extensive emerald collection may have been comprised largely of peridot. Scientists have also recently discovered that the 200 emeralds adorning Germany’s Cologne Cathedral were, in fact, peridots. 

      Peridot Engagement Ring Designs

      A stunning stone with a beautiful green luster, peridot is often highlighted in yellow gold to enhance its rich color. It can also be found paired with white gold to keep the color pure and vibrant.

      Its widespread availability and bright color make peridot a favorite choice in many antique and vintage rings, especially in more colorful periods such as the Art Deco Era, when multi-colored rings were most popular. It is also a characteristic gem of the Victorian period, where its natural green shades compliment the flowing lines, romantic designs, and floral motifs of the era. Peridot is often paired with diamonds for extra glitter, and pearl accents can provide a lustrous counterpart to this sparkly gem as well.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      Peridot is perfect for any woman who appreciates the beauty of the uncommon. To find the perfect ring for your beloved, browse our selection of peridot rings today.

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      10 products