Platinum Engagement Rings


      When it comes to engagement ring settings, there is nothing more desirable than one made out of platinum. This metal’s cool, silvery shine pairs beautifully with the bright white glitter of diamonds and contrasts elegantly against colored gemstones of all varieties. For a ring that will pass the test of time and look impeccable every step of the way, browse our striking collection of vintage platinum engagement rings.

      Platinum Engagement Ring Designs

      There’s something about an engagement ring featuring platinum that is simply exquisite. From its hypoallergenic nature to its impressive reputation, there are plenty of reasons to seek a ring that boasts a stylish platinum setting.

      • Vintage Styles Abound - Platinum was the metal of choice when it came to creating engagement ring settings during the Edwardian and Art Deco periods. A majority of the intricate engagement rings manufactured during these stylish eras are made with pure platinum.
      • Celebrated & Esteemed - Platinum is a relatively scarce metal. Its rarity also makes it decidedly valuable, meaning it is used only in high-end jewelry.
      • Exceptionally Strong - Appearances aside, platinum is a surprisingly sensible material. It is virtually indestructible and easily able to withstand both extremely high and low temperatures.
      • Scratch Resistant - Platinum’s scratch-resistant nature makes it ideal for pieces of jewelry worn every single day. Unlike other metals, it develops a desirable patina that can easily be polished away by an experienced jeweler.

      Find the Perfect Platinum Engagement Ring

      When it comes to jewelry, platinum proves to be more than just a pretty face. Its extreme strength makes it ideal for pieces that are meant to last a lifetime. If she has both high-end taste and a down-to-earth approach, a piece from our platinum engagement rings will suit her to perfection.

      383 products

      383 products