Princess Cut Diamond Rings


      Even though the princess cut diamond was discovered just a few years ago, it has easily become one of the most popular diamond shapes.  This alluring shape combines the brilliance of a round cut diamond with a square shape, giving the diamond a unique charisma along with the sparkle that makes the round brilliant diamonds so appealing.  Browse our vast collection of scintillating princess cut diamond rings.

      Defining Traits

      Princess cut diamonds, are essentially a square brilliant cut with pointed corners. Because they have so many facets, their brilliancy radiates through leaving behind the sight of any flaws or inclusions to the naked eye. A perfect choice for your bride to be.

      • Timeless Appearance - With the popularity of the square cut diamond shape, the princess cut was discovered featuring a square shape with the faceting of a brilliant cut that boasts a length to width ratio of approximately 1.00 to 1.
      • Numerous Facets - Because of the princess cut diamonds unique faceting, the brilliancy will help hide any inclusions or blemishes. It will be less noticeable than any emerald cut or asscher cut diamond due to less faceting.
      • Affordability - Due to the larger depth percentage of 67%-77% , princess cut diamonds have the advantage of costing 10% less than round brilliant diamonds. If budget is an issue this could influence your decision.
      • Square Modified Brilliant - A true square princess cut will be called "Square Modified Brilliant" on a GIA certificate.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      The princess cut diamond is the ideal choice if your partner loves the brilliancy of the round diamond, yet wants to be different, and likes the appearance of a square cut. Let her have the best of both worlds by finding the perfect princess cut diamond ring within our vast collection.

      24 products

      24 products