Promise Rings For Her


      Promise rings are a beautiful gesture of commitment and love. More than just any ring, a promise ring for her is a symbol of the beginning of your journey together as a committed couple. This guide will help you choose the perfect vintage promise ring for her.

      About Promise Rings For Her

      A promise ring is a token of love given as a symbol of your eternal commitment to one another as a couple. If you select a ring with colored gemstones, you can match her favorite color, birthstone, or a color associated with a special memory for you. A diamond ring is more like the traditional engagement or wedding ring, and you can pick from a wide range of styles. A band with multiple smaller stones is a more understated option, while a solitaire or a few larger stones are more eye-catching.

      Promise Rings for Her Designs

      How do you pick out a promise ring? Victorian rings range from the simple to the ornate and are a romantic choice. Art Nouveau designs were inspired by the beauties of nature, so beautifully symbolic. Edwardian and Art Deco rings are typically more elaborate and usually feature diamonds. Mid Century designers were inspired by industrial geometry, like Art Deco designers, but streamlined to simpler designs..

      • Historic Eras - If she’s drawn to nature and colors, Art Nouveau and Victorian rings are ideal promise rings for her.
      • Bold Designs - For a more elaborate and detailed look, Edwardian and Art Deco offer intricate metalwork. Art Deco inspirations include industrial design and skyscrapers, so have a more geometric look.
      • Elaborate Settings - For a lady who loves the ‘20s look, Art Deco designs with their flapper and Great Gatsby aesthetic offer the perfect promise ring for her.
      • Statement Rings - Mid Century rings have the most modern look, with fewer but usually bigger stones making a stunning statement.

      Find The Perfect Promise Ring

      The promise rings rings in our wide selection have spoken of love for generations and will be stylish and romantic for generations to come. If you’re looking for a promise ring with a sense of romantic commitment and vintage charm, explore our collection of promise rings today.  If you aren’t certain which vintage ring to choose or what style she’d prefer, talk to one of our experts today to help you find the perfect promise ring for her.

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      179 products