Ruby Engagement Rings


      Deep and passionate red, rubies are the perfect gemstone to serve as an everlasting symbol of your love and commitment. Romantic, opulent, and positively breathtaking, explore our curated collection of ruby engagement rings.

      About Ruby Gemstones

      Rubies are one of the most popular precious gemstones. They have been mined worldwide for centuries and have been favored by royalty for many types of jewelry. Their popularity has only increased in the modern era.

      • Simply Enchanting. Red rubies have been revered throughout history. Ancient people considered rubies a talisman of protection and prosperity. Wearing one was said to ward off illness while also encouraging peaceful, harmonious, and passionate thoughts. 
      • Captivating Colors. A form of Corundum, rubies get their signature red hue from chromium present in its crystal structure. Naturally occurring rubies can range in color from a purple-tinged pink to a deep blood red tone. Rubies must also meet a minimum color saturation requirement to be considered a “ruby” rather than a “pink sapphire.” 
      • Inner Fire. The same chromium that gives these stones their red coloration also gives each gem an internal fluorescence. Rubies possess a flame-like, glowing quality that makes each stone come alive.
      • Famous Variations. The world’s most expensive ruby is the Sunrise Ruby. It weighs in at 25.59-carats and is flanked by diamonds in an exquisite Cartier mount. In 2015, this breathtaking Burmese ruby sold at auction for $30-million. 
      • Modern Symbolism. Today, rubies serve as the birthstone for July. They’re also the anniversary gem for the 15th, 40th, and 80th wedding anniversaries!

      Ruby Engagement Ring Designs

      The popularity and versatility of rubies means there are plenty of elegant engagement ring styles to choose from. For a stylish hint of color, look for a ring that pairs a diamond center stone with ruby accents. For something truly unforgettable, select a style that features a bold ruby center stone surrounded by a halo of diamonds or an intricate filigreed setting.  

      These gems were especially popular in the romantic designs of Victorian rings, as well as in boldly colored Art Deco rings and retro designs of the 1940s and 1950s.

      Find the Perfect Ruby Engagement Ring

      Their regal red color makes rubies a popular choice for Valentine’s day, milestone anniversaries, and engagements. If your beloved is a hopeless romantic who values passion and love over everything else, she’ll fall head over heels for one of the impeccably designed pieces in our ruby engagement ring collection. 

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      39 products