Ruby Rings For Women


      Red is the color of fire, of passion, of the emotions that make your heart race. Rubies capture all of this excitement in their brilliant red glow. Whatever your style and preferred period, ruby rings for women are an unforgettable statement. Learn more about ruby engagement rings, and find the perfect ruby ring for your loved one in our extensive yet carefully curated collection.

      About Ruby Rings For Women

      While no ruby is self-effacing, Victorian jewelry tended to use smaller stones in less massive settings, so if your style is mostly casual, a Victorian ruby ring will look beautiful but not too dressy. Art Deco and Edwardian jewelry is more elaborate and often combined accent rubies with multiple small diamonds. If you like the ornate “more is more” look of the gilded age, these ruby rings for women are an excellent choice. If you want a statement that’s simultaneously simple and bold, Mid Century designs, often featuring a central ruby with accent diamonds, are a stunning choice.

      Art Deco Engagement Ring Designs

      Rubies are also highly sought after for their durability. Rated as a 9.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness, ruby is only slightly less hard than diamond, and is very resistant to scratches, cracks, chips, and other damage.

      • Stunning Gemstone - Because they symbolize love and passion, ruby rings make excellent engagement, wedding, and anniversary gifts.
      • Bold Color - Red also symbolizes fearlessness and determination, making ruby rings for women a statement about strength and boldness.
      • Classic Touch - A ruby ring adds the perfect touch of color to the classic little black dress, either by itself or with other red accessories.
      • Symbolism - In the Bible, rubies are regularly used to refer to anything of great value, such as wisdom or a virtuous woman, making a ruby ring a perfect way to show your esteem for a special woman in your life.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      Whatever kind of ruby engagement you’re looking for, we can help you find the perfect choice. If you’re looking for a ruby ring with a sense of boldness, elegance and vintage charm, explore our collection of vintage ruby rings today.

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      33 products