Salt & Pepper Diamond Rings


      Salt and pepper diamond rings are one of the hottest engagement ring trends, combining the geometric shape of a diamond with a more organic and natural aesthetic. Each salt and pepper diamond is unique and one of a kind, so they work for traditional and non-traditional weddings and wearers alike. They work beautifully as engagement rings, wedding rings, or diamond pendants. Find the perfect salt and pepper ring for your loved one in our extensive yet carefully curated vintage collection.

      About Salt & Pepper Diamond Rings

      The salt and pepper look comes from tiny inclusions in the stones that are visible to the eye. Many salt and pepper diamond rings feature a rose cut, which shows off the patterns of the inclusions while still keeping some of the sparkle associated with diamonds, but they are also available in step cuts like emerald, kite, or square cuts.

      Salt & Pepper Ring Designs

      Salt and pepper diamonds are also sometimes known as dalmatian diamonds, rustic diamonds or galaxy diamonds.

      • Stunning Color - Salt and pepper diamonds are grayish-white in color, however these colors tend to vary within a spectrum of hues. They can range anywhere from a dark gray/dark black, to a orange tinted rustic gray, to a grayish black all the way to a light silver hue.
      • Lustrous Inclusions - The inclusions are usually black or grey. The most common inclusions include hematite, pyrite, and graphite.
      • Affordable Gemstones - Most salt and pepper diamond rings are more affordable than a standard white diamond of the same size.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      Salt and pepper diamond rings are one of the hottest engagement ring trends of the moment. Each stone is unique, so your ring will always be a choice that reflects your individual taste and personality. Browse our wide variety of vintage salt and pepper diamond rings, or talk to an expert today for personal advice on choosing the perfect engagement ring. 


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      11 products