Sapphire and Diamond Rings


      Sapphires and diamonds are a classic combination throughout history. Diamonds contribute sparkle and sapphires contribute a rich blue color, making a sapphire and diamond ring catch attention for both its glitter and its vivid hues. For that everlasting love of your life, view our timeless collection of sapphire and diamond engagement rings.

      About Sapphire and Diamond Rings

      Blue is the most common color for sapphires, but these gems are actually found in many different colors. Sapphires may be purple, pink, orange, green, brown, gray, or black, and some sapphires are even “white” or colorless. This gives couples a great range of options if they prefer a sapphire engagement ring. 

      Sapphire and Diamond Ring Designs

      Both Art Deco and Edwardian rings often feature multiple small diamonds, with beautiful Burma sapphires to add color and contrast. Mid Century engagement rings, however typically featured less elaborate settings with fewer gemstones, such as a central diamond flanked with sapphires, or a simple channel setting.

      • Durability - Diamonds and sapphires are among the hardest known gemstones. Diamonds are a 10 on the Mohs scale and are the hardest gem in the world. This makes sapphires and diamonds very resistant to chips and cracks, so they can easily be worn every day without fear of excessive wear or damage, or without needing to remove the ring for most daily activities.
      • Beautiful Colors - The most valuable sapphire color is a cornflower blue, but darker and lighter shades can be just as beautiful, depending on your taste.
      • Historic Eras - In the Art Deco period, most sapphire and diamond rings were set with platinum. Victorian and Art Nouveau rings often used yellow gold. Either is stunning, with yellow gold emphasizing the warmth of sapphires and white metals emphasizing their sparkle.
      • Symbolism - Sapphires are reminiscent of water and the sky, while diamonds suggest ice and bright light.

      Find The Perfect Sapphire and Diamond Ring

      You can wear this classic combination as an engagement, wedding or anniversary ring, or just as a beautiful piece of jewelry. Find the perfect sapphire and diamond ring today for a one-of-a- kind treasure whose history will continue with you. For a truly one-of-a-kind ring, select a style from our collection of vintage sapphire and diamond rings.

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      91 products