Simple Wedding Rings


      If you admire the minimalist look and lifestyle, why not reflect that in your wedding ring, with a beautiful simple wedding ring? Even if you’re not a minimalist, if you have an elaborate engagement ring, a simple wedding ring complements it without competing. You can choose from a variety of vintage wedding rings from nearly any period, from Victorian to the turn of the 21st century.

      About Simple Wedding Rings

      “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This quote, like many other good ones, has been attributed to great thinkers and pithy writers from nearly every age. It applies perfectly to wedding rings, since a high-quality simple wedding ring is a beautiful “less is more” statement. After all, during a wedding, the most important phrase is “I do,” and there’s nothing simpler than that.

      Simple Wedding Ring Designs

      A simple wedding ring in any color metal will be a lovely accent. If the engagement ring is also minimalist, matching colors can provide a smoother look.

      • Magnificent Eras - Victorian and Art Deco wedding rings often feature beautiful colored gemstones. These wedding rings make a striking complement to an diamond engagement ring.
      • Anniversary Bands - Eternity bands are a common anniversary gift, but they also make beautiful wedding rings, with the same romantic symbolism of love lasting through time.
      • Simple Settings - If you pick a ring with a single stone, get the cleanest stone you can, since any visible flaws will stand out in a simple setting more than they would in a more complex one.
      • Vintage Gemstones - If your engagement ring has colored stones, you can keep the look simple by picking the same gemstone or diamonds, which complement any colored gemstones.

      Find The Perfect Wedding Ring

      For that perfect simple wedding ring, search our selection today or talk with one of our professional jewelers who can help you find the simple wedding ring of your dreams. 

      133 products

      133 products