Split Shank Engagement Rings


      The allure of the split shank engagement ring is boundless. A split shank setting adds a unique style to an engagement ring, since it has two thin shanks coming from either side of the center stone, coming together towards the bottom. Essentially, the ring is "split" as the shank reaches toward the center stone, allowing one's eye to be drawn up to the diamond while enjoying the view. Find that perfect, unique engagement ring that is sure to dazzle anyone, from our extensive collection of vintage split shank engagement rings.

      Defining Traits

      The split shank setting affords you an incomparable elegance with an impressive design that is flexible for so many diamond shapes. The split on both sides establishes a chic look, with a balanced physique, allowing the center stone to be highlighted in a most interesting fashion.

      • Historic Design- This is a unique, and sometimes, ornate design where the band is divided until it meets the center diamond, giving a delicate effect while allowing the ring to appear slightly larger.
      • Classic Elegance- Split shank engagement rings became prevalent during the Art Deco era, as well as during the 1960's-1970's, and continue to be a top choice today.
      • Diamonds Reign Supreme- Split shank engagement rings are available with a variety of vintage diamonds, including asscher cut, marquis, old European cut and pear shape diamonds just to name a few.
      • Timeless Engravings- No matter which type of vintage diamond you choose within this special setting, the shank showcases distinctive engravings, or sparkling accent gems, which showcase your very own personal style and taste.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      The split shank engagement ring shows that the center diamond is not always the only focal point of your engagement ring. Whether you prefer diamonds along the split shank for a more dazzling appearance, or a more classic, clean look with simple glowing metal, we are confident you will find the perfect style engagement ring within our gorgeous selection of split shank engagement rings.

      28 products

      28 products