Stackable Rings


      Stackable rings are a great way to coordinate your look. A simple wedding ring embodies a simple, more subtle look.  However, to create a more impressive blaze of color, or light, or a more dramatic appearance, you can wear several wedding bands stacked at a time. To find the perfect wedding band, explore the variety of styles offered within our bespoke collection of stackable wedding rings.

      The Significance of Stackable Rings

      Stackable rings have a primary ring and accents, but the most important consideration is a style that fits your tastes, the occasion, and the rest of your outfit. With a variety of gemstones, metals, settings, and cuts, vintage wedding bands are an endless supply of inspiration.

      Stackable Ring Designs

      Wearing rings on all your fingers. This was a very popular Victorian look. Queen Victoria didn’t like the shape of her hands, so she disguised it with multiple rings, but it looks gorgeous on any hand. Antique and vintage stacking rings are a timeless choice, as they evoke nostalgia for better times and a connection to a happily remembered past.

      • Multiple Looks - Multiple understated rings for a casual or daytime look. Try metal bands or rings with single, subtle gems, like a pearl or a small diamond, and then add a bigger ring for a statement look.
      • Mixed Metals - Stackable rings often work best with a dominant color, such as yellow, rose, or white gold, and an accent in another shade of gold.
      • Mix and Match Galore - Matching textures or cuts but not stones for a subtly unified stackable ring look.
      • Bold Colors - Picking complementary colors or shades of the same color. You can also mix transparent and opaque stones, such as lapis and sapphire or blue topaz, to make a stunning stackable set.

      Find The Perfect Stacking Ring

      With our wide variety of vintage jewelry, you can find the perfect combination for your stacking rings. Browse our selection or talk to one of our experts on starting your wedding ring collection today. To find the perfect wedding bands for the love of your life, explore our collection of stackable rings today. 

      133 products

      133 products