Thin Wedding Bands


      Thin wedding bands are the epitome of the minimalist aesthetic, but can also pair with an extravagant engagement ring, complementing it without competing. A thin wedding band also draws more attention to the stone, so is a beautiful way to show off a spectacular gem of any size. Learn more about thin wedding bands, and find the perfect wedding band for your loved one in our extensive yet carefully curated collection.

      About Thin Wedding Bands

      Pavé rings are a very popular style for thin wedding bands, with little to no metal showing between the stones, so the ring looks like it’s paved with gemstones. In channel settings, stones are also very close together, but a tiny portion of metal on the sides folds over the edges of the stones. This is a very secure setting that protects the stones.

      Thin Wedding Band Designs

      Thin wedding bands that snuggle, or fit tightly, against an engagement ring are increasingly popular, especially if the wedding band can coordinate with a more unusual engagement ring style in order to create a unique bridal set.

      • Versatile - Thin wedding bands are ideal for people who work with their hands or health care professionals who are always putting gloves on and taking them off.
      • Stackable Rings - Thin wedding bands are ideal for stacking with engagement or anniversary rings.
      • Matching Bands - The metal for a thin wedding band can either match or contrast with the metal for your engagement ring. A match is more of a classic look, while a contrast is more contemporary.
      • Beautiful Look - Thin wedding bands are gorgeous for any hand, but especially lovely on petite hands or ones with long, elegant fingers.

      Find The Perfect Thin Wedding Band

      Whether you want to pair your ring with another minimalist ring or a larger one, check our extensive selection of thin wedding bands today. Find the vintage wedding ring that’s delighted owners for generations and will help tell the story of your love.

      133 products

      133 products