Thin Wedding Bands


      Thin wedding bands are one of the hottest trends for the minimalist aesthetic. With a high- quality setting and stones, they bring an impressive beauty to a small ring, while still remaining understated and delicate. And even if your tastes are not minimalistic, a thin wedding band is also an ideal way to offset a large engagement ring, since it complements but doesn’t compete. Learn more about thin wedding bands, and find the perfect vintage wedding band for your loved one in our extensive yet carefully curated collection.

      About Thin Wedding Bands

      V-shaped settings are popular for thin wedding bands, with a solitaire at the bend of the v, or with stones set along the entire v-shape. You can also opt for a metal band without any gemstones.

      Thin Wedding Band Designs

      While the traditional wedding band for women features multiple stones set side by side, a thin wedding band can give you more leeway for a different style.

      • Stunning Metals - With a thin wedding band, you can use a different metal for the wedding and engagement rings. What might clash in two wide rings can complement with two thin rings or one wide one and one thin one.
      • Stacking Bands - Delicate and amazingly customizable, stacking bands are thin, coordinated bands that can be arranged and rearranged in whatever way a woman’s fashion preferences change over time. The bands may feature gemstones and could have twists, waves, or other shapes for even more personalization and individual variety.
      • Artistic Engravings - Similarly, very ornate engraving or a knife-edge detail that could look overdone in a wider ring can look both elaborate and refined on a thin wedding band.

      Find The Perfect Wedding Band

      Whatever you are looking for in a thin wedding band, our wide selection of styles and settings is certain to have the ideal ring. Browse our range of designs today to explore the many options, or talk to one of our friendly experts for personal advice. If you’re looking for a band with a sense of sophistication and vintage charm, explore our collection of wedding bands today.

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      29 products