Topaz Ring


      Incredibly luxurious and decidedly unexpected, topaz gemstones are an excellent choice when searching for a piece of jewelry that defies convention. For a scintillating style that will set your beloved apart, select a timeless style from our collection of topaz rings. 

      About Topaz Gemstones

      Topaz is one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals in the world. This makes it the perfect pick for pieces of jewelry that need to last the test of time. 

      • Greek Origins. The name “topaz” comes from a Greek island named “Topazios,” which lies within the Red Sea. Ancient Greeks also believed that topaz gave them strength, often wearing topaz talismans into battle. 
      • A Kaleidoscope of Colors. Topaz is available in an exceptionally wide range of colors, including various tones and saturations of blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple. With that said, “Imperial Topaz”—which features a brownish red hue—is the most recognizable and valuable. 
      • Symbolism. Topaz is often associated with healing properties, truth, and forgiveness. It is also the traditional birthstone for November.
      • Breathtaking Sizes. Topaz is more affordable than other precious gemstones, making it possible to get large carat sizes. Because topaz has a broad crystalline structure, it is also easy to cut this stone into large shapes. These impressive gems can create showstopping cocktail rings and engagement rings! 

      Topaz Engagement Ring Designs

      Lustrous and radiant, topaz is an excellent choice when choosing an engagement ring with a unique sense of style. For a rare and elegant piece of jewelry, search for a ring that features a traditional brown topaz. 

      This gemstone has been especially popular in vintage pieces showcasing its range of colors, including mid-century styles from the 1940s and 1950s as well as vintage-inspired and antique jewelry pieces from the Art Deco era.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      Topaz is a lustrous gemstone with a gorgeous golden hue that is sure to take her breath away. For a truly one-of-a-kind ring, select a style from our collection of vintage topaz rings. 

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      4 products