Tourmaline Ring


      Tourmaline is a mineral-rich crystal that naturally occurs in an impressive breadth of colors. For a vivacious engagement ring worthy of a second look, browse our curated selection of vintage tourmaline rings. 

      About Tourmaline Gemstones

      A crystalline boron silicate mineral, Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone that is available in a wide range of colors. Each stone’s individual hue is dependent on its specific chemical composition.  

      • Color Variety. Tourmaline is a versatile gem that occurs in more colors than any other semi-precious gemstone, including black, brown, green, yellow, peach, red, pink, orange, blue, purple, blue-green, and clear.
      • Simply Electric. Tourmaline is both Pyroelectric and Piezoelectric. This means that it becomes electrically charged when heated or subjected to massive amounts of pressure. 
      • Triangular Structure. This gemstone’s crystalline structure is comprised of three-sided prisms. No other common mineral has this stone’s same trigonal system. 
      • Unique Appearance. Tourmaline can sometimes exhibit a unique reflection of light that features a long, bright slit down the center. Incredibly rare, tourmaline that features this “chatoyancy” is referred to as Cats Eye Tourmaline. Tourmaline even occurs naturally in bi-colored and multicolored shades, transitioning between contrasting colors in the same stone for dramatic and ethereal looks.
      • Symbolism. Tourmaline is believed to have both mental and physical healing properties. It is said to relieve stress, improve energy, and foster compassion, vitality, and productivity.

      Tourmaline Ring Designs

      Tourmaline’s various colors allow it to closely resemble other precious gemstones. Varieties of this stone that feature a dark red color and purple undertones are especially coveted. This captivating gem looks even more opulent when paired with a warm, rose gold setting. Pearls or diamonds are often included to create a delightful contrast. 

      Tourmaline is especially popular in Art Deco jewelry where bold colors are highlighted. It is also fairly prevalent in Victorian rings, where its red and pink shades are well-matched to the romanticism of the designs.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      An affordable alternative to more expensive gemstone varieties, tourmaline is a unique and decidedly elegant way to add color to a precious piece of jewelry. For a head-turning piece that will set her apart, consider one of the tourmaline rings offered within our collection. 

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      6 products