Transitional Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


      The transitional cut is a beautiful, unique cut diamond. This gemstone was the offspring of the old European cut diamond, and set the stage to transition to the modern brilliant cut diamond. They all have a similar appearance, yet the transitional cut has a distinctive and undeniable character all it's own. We invite you to browse our rare collection of transitional cut diamond engagement rings for that perfect antique ring.

      Defining Traits

      The transitional cut diamond was only made between the 1920's and 1940's, making them extremely rare to find, especially today. These gemstones are truly unique, as each one was hand carved without any specific guidelines. Each one is truly a work of art.

      • Exquisite Design - Transitional cut diamonds feature a distinctively larger table, along with large pavilion facets with a flat crown.
      • Precursor to Old European Cut Diamonds - Transitional cut diamonds emerged after mine cut and old European cut diamonds. Their predecessors have a squarish shape, where transitional cut diamonds are more round and flat.
      • Predecessor of Brilliant Cut Diamonds - Today's brilliant cut diamonds are distinctively different, having smaller tables and shorter pavilion facets with a smaller culet, even sometimes no culet.
      • Timeless Eras - These timeless vintage diamonds were most prevalent during the the 1940's (Art Deco era) and the Fabulous Fifties.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      Presenting your soul mate with a rare vintage diamond engagement ring is an unbelievable expression of love and devotion to her. Finding that perfect transitional cut diamond takes time and commitment, just as you are pledging to do with her for eternity. Begin your search within our extraordinary collection of transitional cut diamond rings, and find that perfect one to begin writing your own history with, and symbolize your future together.

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      32 products