Turquoise Rings


      Turquoise has an iconic appearance that is simply stunning. Although not as “sparkly” as typical transparent gemstones, a striking sky-blue color gives this stone an earthy quality that will resonate with anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature. For an exciting engagement ring with an impressive legacy, browse our curated collection of vintage turquoise rings. 

      About Turquoise Gemstones

      Opaque turquoise is a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum. 

      • Uniquely Opaque. Unlike many other gems, this stone is opaque. Turquoise also features strong inclusions that create a delicate marbling or web-like texture in shades of white, brown, or black. These inclusions give uniqueness to every stone.
      • Ancient Origins. Turquoise is featured in some of the world’s oldest jewelry. Talismans featuring the blue stone have been found in Egyptian tombs dating back to as early as 4,000 BC!
      • Historic Significance. This sacred stone was revered by ancient Aztecs and Native Americans alike. It was often combined with gold, jade, coral, and seashells to create masks, shields, and amulets. 
      • Special Treatment. Like other opaque stones, turquoise is polished rather than cut into multi-faceted shapes. Nearly every piece of jewelry that showcases turquoise features round, polished variations of the stone known as cabochons. 

      Turquoise Ring Designs

      Turquoise is often paired with silver to create jewelry inspired by the American Southwest. Pairing it with gold, however, elevates its presence and changes the way we experience this enchanting stone. Geometric settings featuring multiple stones and intricate metalwork perfectly showcase the beauty of turquoise while also giving a nod to its ancient origins. 

      Rich, deep blue is the rarest and most valued color for turquoise, but other shades such as pale white-blue, robin’s egg blue, and sky blue are also stunning. Even greenish or green-yellow tints can make exceptional jewelry. To brighten the gem and enhance its natural luster, turquoise is often set with pearls, mother-of-pearl, or opals—or it can be accented with diamonds for additional sparkle. Different shades of turquoise are often arranged for a stunning color palette that truly highlights the gem’s unique hues.

      Turquoise is especially popular in Victorian engagement rings and cocktail rings, where its color stands out and adds a unique touch to each piece.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      A rare stone found only in dry and barren regions of the world, turquoise proves that beauty can be discovered even in the most unlikely places. If she appreciates the natural world, she’ll love showing off a turquoise ring from our exquisite turquoise jewelry collection.

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      11 products