Two Tone Engagement Ring


      The uniqueness of two tone engagement rings puts them in a class all their own. The warmth of white gold perfectly blended with rose gold or yellow gold will capture anyone's heart. For a ring that will surely catch attention, and will last a lifetime, browse our stunning collection of vintage two tone engagement rings.

      Two Tone Engagement Ring Designs

      The different metals embodied in a two tone engagement ring symbolize the unification of two people who have fallen in love. Perfect for the woman who wants to add a twist of tradition this is the perfect type of engagement ring.

      • Historic War Effort - With the war imminent, a ban was placed on platinum therefore jewelers used white and yellow gold for engagement rings, and weight could not exceed 2 pennyweights.
      • Brilliant Marketers - In the late 1940's DeBeers campaign slogan, " A Diamond is Forever" was created which helped boost the sales of diamonds as a must have for engagement rings.
      • Illusion Settings - As the war ended, and finances were compromised, two tone " illusion" settings of white and yellow gold were created. This was accomplished by placing a diamond in a prong setting, with a radiant circle encompassing the diamond in order to give a grander appearance. This was an illusion that no sacrifice was made.
      • Timeless Eras - Even though the 1940's Art Deco era was ending, and the Retro era was making its appearance with its own characteristic style, jewelers still incorporated the two tone illusion setting.

      Find the Perfect Two Tone Engagement Ring

      When it comes to engagement rings, two tone gold is truly breathtaking. Ideal for the woman who wants to stand out and display her glittering set diamond. If she has traditional values, and likes a more diverse look, a piece from our vintage two tone ring collection will surely keep a smile on her face for a lifetime.

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      157 products