Unique Wedding Rings


      Are you looking for something different for your wedding rings? If the traditional wedding ring isn’t your aesthetic, you have a world of options to chose from. Vintage wedding rings come in a wealth of styles and designs that guarantee you’ll find the unique wedding ring to express your love. For a unique wedding ring that will transcend future generations, enjoy our timeless collection of wedding rings.

      The Significance of Unique Wedding Rings

      No piece of jewelry has more meaning for a couple than their wedding rings. Vintage jewelry offers an array of unique wedding rings that represent the best of the past as you start your new life together.

      Unique Wedding Ring Designs

      Wedding ring styles will overlap different time periods, and every period has had its version of old-time or futuristic wedding rings, but these guidelines to different periods can help you get started on your search.

      • Romantic Eras - Victorian and Art Nouveau rings were inspired by global patterns and design and the lush, organic shapes and colors found in nature. Artists from the Arts and Crafts period, especially, mixed precious and semi-precious stones for a delicate and artistic look.
      • Geometric Shapes - The Art Deco and Mid-Century looks tend to be more streamlined and follow straight lines rather than curves. Art Deco, especially, was inspired by new industrial designs and even architecture, and added sharper contrasts than Victorian jewelry. While the shapes are typically streamlined, there’s still surface detail, especially engraving.
      • Ornate Settings - Starting in the Edwardian period, new materials like platinum and new jeweler’s equipment enabled jewelers to add new layers of surface details. Look for filigree and elaborate engraving. Some Edwardian jewelry shows signs of its Victorian roots, with rounded shapes, while other pieces look to Art Deco, keeping the same level of detail but more visual contrasts and sharp angles.

      Find The Perfect Unique Wedding Ring

      Whatever your taste, we can help you find a unique wedding ring for your personal style. Talk with one of our experts to help you find the perfect wedding ring today. To find the perfect wedding ring for the love of your life, explore our collection of unique wedding rings today.

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      127 products