Vintage 1960s Engagement Rings


      The 1960s were a free-spirited time when people began casting off outdated ideas and challenging the way society functioned. If your beloved is looking for a vintage engagement ring that puts this decade’s memorable brand of peace and love on display, look no further than the eye-catching styles offered within our curated collection of 1960s engagement rings.

      Defining Features

      The vintage styles you’ll find within this collection have a unique charm that is simply unmatched. Dynamic and delightfully uncommon, the following features became more and more prevalent in engagement rings during the 1960s:

      • Square Shaped Stones - A desire for something different led to the popularity of square-cut diamonds and other unique cuts.
      • Lustrous Golden Bands - Although platinum and white gold were used to make engagement rings during the 1960s, many rings featured a lustrous band made from 14kt or 18kt yellow gold.
      • Celebrity Influence - As the media became more celebrity-focused, the engagement ring designs of famous stars took center stage. During this decade, Elizabeth Taylor’s astounding 33-carat Asscher-cut diamond ring ushered in a desire for more decadent designs. Similarly, Jackie Kennedy’s emerald and diamond ring made multi-colored rings featuring precious gemstones more popular with the public.
      • Unique Design Elements - In the 1960s, conforming wasn’t a popular idea. This mindset had an influence on jewelry designs of the period as well. You can find many unique, dynamic designs from this period.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      A decade defined by hippies, music, and the Vietnam War, the 60s were undoubtedly a unique moment in history. If your beloved has a stylish free-spirit and has always been captivated by the positivity and overall outlook of this very special decade, a ring from our 1960s engagement rings collection will suit her perfectly.

      24 products

      24 products