With its rich red or blue coloring, spinel is occasionally mistaken for rubies or sapphire, but in fact this is a unique gemstone with spectacular traits all its own. Spinel actually comes in a wide range of shades, from clear or colorless to pink, orange, yellow, blue, purple, brown, and black, making it a versatile gem for different tastes and styles. Exceptionally rare, spinel is highly valued and coveted, and has been mounted in various crown jewels, giving it royal distinction. Today, vintage spinel engagement rings are striking choices for a couple with unusual but refined tastes, and these stones are often cut into various shapes, including round, oval, pear, cushion, and princess cuts. Estate jewelry often includes spinels either as focal stones or colorful accents, and these brightly colored gems are often mounted with diamonds to enhance their sparkle and add more glitter to each piece. Because these stones are less common than their more familiar gemstone cousins, spinel can be a remarkable choice for vintage engagement rings or other statement pieces to truly give your jewelry a refined and personalized flair.
    • Art Deco 2.00 Carat Blue Gemstone Ring Art Deco 2.00 Carat Blue Gemstone Ring Art Deco 2.00 Carat Blue Gemstone Ring Art Deco 2.00 Carat Blue Gemstone Ring
    • $1,500.00
      Pancini is a stunning Art Deco gemstone ring featuring a vibrant deep blue oval synthetic 2.00 carat gemstone.  Beautifully crafted in the 1920's in 14 kt white gold flanked by a duo of rose gold florets, finished with delicate milgrain engravings.  A showstopping ring, in excellent condition.  Size 6 1/4 and easily sized.  (Ad 1330NS4X)
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