Vintage Bracelets


      Vintage and antique bracelets are beautiful accessories that bring together your style while adding sparkle, and emphasizing your personal flair.  You can easily see when looking through our collection, there are no two bracelets that are alike. Each one has its own history, and legacy to be passed on. Every vintage bracelet possesses it's own charm and sophistication. Whether you choose a diamond tennis bracelet or bangle, or more elaborate gemstones, you will find the perfect adornment for your arm within our collection antique bracelets.

      The Significance of Vintage Bracelets

      Every vintage bracelet possesses it's own charm and sophistication. The allure of a vintage bracelet lies within its history and sustainability. Anything from sumptuous yellow gold to elegant diamonds with intricate platinum filigree, our collection of vintage bracelets come from all eras within history and are all eco-friendly.

      Vintage Bracelet Designs

      Diamond bracelets may feature old European cut and mine cut diamonds, but if you prefer more colorful options, consider bracelets highlighting gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and pearls.

      • Classic Diamond Tennis Bracelet - There is nothing more classic and elegant than a diamond tennis bracelet. A simple row of diamonds, same shape and size, set next to each to each other making a complete beautiful circle. Understated elegance is the essence of sophistication.
      • Rare Diamond Bracelets - A lavish diamond bracelet, with or without gemstones, could be a focal point for your jewelry, or even one with intricate filigree designs is magnificent as well. If she loves to wear a conversation piece with some opulence, a bracelet with diamonds, gemstones and some fabulous filigree workmanship is the perfect choice.
      • Art Deco Diamond Bracelets - Geometric cuts with glittering diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds was the signature look for an Art Deco bracelet. White gold and platinum were prevalent during the Art Deco era, and completed these gorgeous pieces.
      • Bangle Bracelets - Popular throughout the 1970's, bangle bracelets with round or square cut diamonds were, and still are, sure to impress even the most discerning lady.

      Find the Perfect Vintage Bracelet

      There are so many unique vintage bracelets to uncover within our collection, each with its own story behind it. From a simple diamond tennis bracelet to a more opulent, colorful arm ornament, any of our pieces will be sure to become a beautiful, distinctive part of your personal history and a story you tell through your own jewelry.

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      21 products