Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings


      There is nothing more classic, and elegant than a traditional vintage diamond engagement ring. Diamond rings make the declaration of love, are a symbol of your commitment, and each has a history all its own. Our collection of authentic vintage diamond rings presents you with unique and alluring designs you won't find anywhere else. Maybe you are searching for a simple solitaire, or maybe you’re looking for a more sparkly halo design, begin your own journey when you uncover your perfect vintage ring.

      Defining Traits

      Our exclusive vintage diamond engagement rings possess exceptional traits and technique within the original craftsmanship. These intricacies and designs simply cannot be replicated today. Each ring in our collection is unique, therefore you will never find two of the same.

      • Vintage Diamonds - Diamond cutters created vintage diamonds by carefully cutting each diamond into unique charming shapes with individual characteristics; shaping rose cuts, mine cuts, and old European cuts. Each diamond was defined by every era within history.
      • Famous Eras - Select a true vintage ring from your favorite era, such as a delicate Victorian ring, an elaborate Edwardian ring, a bold design from the Art Deco era or maybe a large Retro diamond cocktail ring.
      • Less Stated brilliance - Each vintage diamond has a unique, unparalleled brilliance caused by the angles of light refraction (or reflection) used by diamond cutters.
      • Timeless Symbolism - Diamonds are known to increase self awareness, and unhook negative energies. It is the gemstone of the crown Chakra which is the path to the expanded universe and helps control how we think, love and respond to the universe.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      Make her dream a reality, and begin the exciting journey of starting your own historic love story, by committing to her with an vintage diamond engagement ring. Browse our extraordinary collection to uncover that perfect vintage ring she will treasure forever, and preserve for future generations to come.

      874 products

      874 products