Vintage Earrings


      Vintage earrings are a beautiful embellishment that can add some sparkle to your look day and night. Earrings can vary anywhere between smaller diamond studs to more luxurious chandelier designs. These pieces allow you to display your appreciation, and affection, for the sophisticated styles of years gone by. Find your perfect pair of earrings by browsing our unparalleled selection of vintage diamond earrings.

      The Significance of Vintage Earrings

      An intrinsic part of anyone's jewelry collection is earrings. As a personal ornament, the design and size is dependent upon your own unique style. As one of the earliest known accessories, earrings began as simple as a single pearl, and continued to progress throughout the eras in history.

      Vintage Earrings Designs

      When wearing diamond earrings, they become part of your life's journey. From diamond studs to hoops to drop earrings, each has its own charm. Diamond earrings are always a favorite, but maybe you crave a more daring colorful look showcasing emeralds, sapphires, or other vibrant gemstones.

      • Classic Diamond Studs. Diamond studs are the most classic type of earrings. A simply elegant single diamond set either alone, or with a halo of diamonds surrounding, can embellish your appearance, and add some sophistication to any ensemble.
      • Chandelier Earrings. Chandelier earrings are long, ornate earrings which resemble a chandelier. Beautifully tiered with diamonds and gemstones, this extravagant style is sure to be a conversation piece at her next event.
      • Art Deco Earrings. The Art Deco era brought a modernization among earrings. Brightly colored gemstones set alongside diamonds within bold geometric designs created extravagant ornaments for the earlobes.
      • Hoop Earrings. Available in a variety of sizes, diamond hoop earrings are a perennial favorite. A classic diamond hoop setting adds versatility to any jewelry collection as they can be worn day or night. Whether you prefer a large trendy hoop or a smaller, more elegant hoop, these types of earrings offer an understated elegance very few others do.

      Find The Perfect Diamond Earrings

      Vintage earrings are timeless pieces sure to add stunning beauty to your look, no matter what your style preference or what jewelry era you enjoy most. Browse our collection of vintage earrings for the perfect pair to add extra flair to any look.

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      19 products