Vintage Necklaces & Pendants


      A vintage diamond necklace is an incredible accessory that affords you, or someone you love, the ability to accentuate a neckline while adding some sparkle. From diamond chokers and pendants, to longer strands of graduated gemstones, necklace fashions have evolved throughout the centuries. Find the perfect neckline accessory by exploring our diverse selection of vintage diamond necklaces and pendants.

      The Significance of Diamond Necklaces

      Historically, some of the earliest accessories worn were vintage necklaces and pendants. When a diamond or gemstone necklace was worn, it was considered to be a symbol of wealth, prestige and prominence. There are a variety of vintage diamond necklaces, each having its own unique appeal.

      Vintage Diamond Necklace Designs

      There is a compelling history behind the early allure of necklaces, one that matches their beautiful artistry. Each one of these illustrious works of art has its own distinguishable characteristics, bestowing each piece with an eternal beauty that you can pass down as an heirloom, for your future generations to enjoy.

      • Classic Diamond Pendants - There is nothing more classic and beautiful than a diamond pendant. Nothing compares to an understated design. A single diamond on a chain, or set with diamonds surrounding it, is the epitome of sophistication.
      • Extravagant Diamond Necklaces - A classic graduated diamond necklace could be a focal point for your jewelry flair, or even one with delicate filigree metal work is stunning as well. If she isn't afraid of adding some opulence to her collection, a necklace with statement making diamonds, or fabulous filigree is a perfect choice.
      • Magnificent Diamonds and Gemstones - Necklaces that showcase historic diamond shapes with colorful precious, and semi precious, gemstones are simply twice as statement-making. Stylish and symmetrical, a set of diamonds alongside colorful gemstone sure to impress.
      • Historic Eras and Metals - From classic hearts and crosses to more unique pendants and luxurious necklaces, our collection spans all jewelry eras. Diamonds and other gemstones cuts in a variety of shapes set within necklaces fashioned from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum, are offered from the jewelry eras spanning throughout history.
      • Find the Perfect Necklace

        There are so many magnificent necklaces and pendants to discover within our collection, which will suit various styles, occasions, preferences, and budgets. From a classic diamond pendant to extravagant diamond necklaces paired with colorful gemstones and intricate metalwork, you’re sure to find a piece that she’ll cherish forever. Shop our curated collection of vintage diamond necklaces for one that will sparkle, shine and symbolize your commitment forever.

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      32 products