Vintage Opal Rings


      Opals are one of the most romantic and fascinating gemstones, and were especially popular in the middle to late Victorian period, after Queen Victoria not only wore opal jewelry but lavished stunning sets of opal jewelry on her very favorite relatives. Many vintage opal rings, though certainly not all, date from this timeframe.  Learn more about vintage opal rings, and find the perfect opal ring for your loved one in our extensive yet carefully curated collection.

      About Vintage Opal Rings

      Victorian opal rings often feature other gemstones as accents or use small opals as accents for garnets or other intensely-colored stones. During the Edwardian and Art Deco periods, opals were featured in bold geometric settings. 

      Vintage Opal Ring Designs

      Opals are a popular Victorian choice and opals with diamonds and other gemstones in rose gold are a classic combination. Queen Victoria regularly wore opals and gave magnificent opal rings to her daughters and daughters-in-law.

      • Victorian Era - Most vintage opal rings from the Victorian period are set in yellow gold. Some of these rings are set in 10k gold, which was another standard for gold in that period, along with 14 and 18k.
      • Stunning Metals - Edwardian and Art Deco opal rings typically feature platinum and white gold, while retro opal rings can feature either white or yellow gold.
      • Vintage Rings - Vintage opal rings may feature fire opal, often from Mexico, rather than precious opal, which is generally from Australia. Fire opal is usually orange tinted and has less play of color than precious opal.

      Find The Perfect Opal Engagement Ring

      Whatever your taste in vintage opal rings, we have a selection of styles and settings from Victorian through the retro era. If you’re looking for an opal ring with a sense of glamour and vintage charm, explore our collection of vintage opal rings today.

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      48 products