Vintage Promise Rings


      Whether one or both of you wear them, vintage promise rings are a lovely gesture of commitment. They can mark a milestone, be a reminder of the other if you have to spend time apart, or just symbolize the love you feel. Find the perfect promise ring for your loved one in our extensive curated collection.

      About Vintage Promise Rings

      How do you pick out a vintage promise ring? Victorian rings range from the simple to the ornate and are a romantic choice. Art Nouveau designs were inspired by the beauties of nature, so beautifully symbolic. Edwardian and Art Deco rings are typically more elaborate and feature diamonds. Mid Century designers were inspired by industrial geometry, like Art Deco designers, but streamlined to simpler designs.

      Vintage Promise Ring Designs

      A promise ring is a token of love given as a symbol of your eternal commitment to one another as a couple. A vintage promise ring may become an engagement ring if a couple wishes it to be so, and there are no limits to what a promise ring may be.

      • Birthstones - Birthstones are a meaningful choice for vintage promise rings, and available in a variety of price ranges.
      • Timeless Eras - They’re rarer now, but some Georgian and Victorian rings used the initials of the stones to spell a word or name. Rubies, Emeralds, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby, Diamond was a common choice, spelling out “REGARD.” These rings are called regard rings.
      • Stacking Ring - If you plan to stack your promise ring with an engagement or wedding ring, a diamond band is a versatile choice as well as a beautiful one.
      • Perfect Match - Unlike vintage engagement rings, both partners often wear a promise ring. You can match metals, period, or stones.

      Find The Perfect Promise Ring

      Vintage promise rings are a beautiful and sustainable option. Ornate or minimalist, colored gemstones or diamonds, our carefully curated selection will have the right choice for you. Browse our selection of promise rings or contact us for expert advice today.

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      179 products