Wedding Bands For Women


      A wedding band is a classic symbol of matrimony and the pledge made between two people. Wedding bands for women have a timeless history and today reflect not just a one of a kind bond, but also a woman’s personal style and preferences. Learn more about vintage wedding bands, and find the perfect wedding band for your loved one in our carefully curated collection.

      About Wedding Bands For Women

      Traditionally, wedding bands referred to the metal rings, without gemstones, that men wore, while wedding rings referred to the more ornate and gem-set rings that women wore. Now, however, wedding bands can refer to either a man’s or a woman’s wedding ring.

      Wedding Bands For Women Designs

      Geometric shapes, sharp lines, bold colors, and symmetrical ornamentation are notable hallmarks of Art Deco design. This was a decisive change from earlier jewelry eras that featured more natural, flowing designs.

      • Eternity Rings - Eternity rings, in which the stones are set all the way around the ring, are popular, as are half-eternity rings, in which just the top half of the ring is set with stones..
      • Mixed Metals - If you have a larger engagement ring, a contrasting metal looks lovely for the wedding band. If they’re roughly the same size, a more unified look is very elegant.
      • Contrasting Shapes - Most wedding bands for women feature round stones, but square-cut gems or a mix of stones are a sophisticated option.
      • Magnificent Gemstones - Diamonds are the most popular stones for wedding bands for women, but colored stones make a beautiful contrast.

      Find The Perfect Wedding Band

      The perfect choice is waiting for you in our wide variety of wedding bands for women, from the Victorian period through the Mid Century. Whether you want diamonds or colored stones, gold, silver, or platinum, browse our selection or talk to one of our experts today.

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      133 products