Wedding Ring Sets


      Historically, wedding ring sets consists of an engagement ring and two wedding rings. In general, a wedding set refers to both spouses’ rings, while a bridal set refers to just the bride’s rings. Now, however, wedding sets can include two engagement rings, especially if two women are getting married, as well as two wedding rings. Engaged couples choose wedding ring sets to ensure that the wedding and engagement rings fit together, physically and visually. In addition to this practical reason, some couples like the additional symbolism of getting the wedding rings at the same time as the engagement ring.

      About Wedding Ring Sets

      Vintage wedding sets are a stylish and romantic choice. While you can choose rings that were originally made as a set, you don’t have to limit yourselves. You can mix and match across.

      Wedding Ring Set Designs

      You can select your vintage wedding set from the same period. Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Nouveau rings are a traditional romantic choice, with gentle curves inspired by nature and a choice of precious or semi-precious stones. Art Deco rings are more geometric and while they can still be ornate, have a more streamlined look. Mid-century rings are more eclectic.

      • Precious Metals - If you want yellow gold or white gold rings, you can pick from any period. Platinum wedding rings first became available toward the end of the 19th century but didn’t become widespread until the early 20th century and Edwardian jewelry. Rose gold became available during the Victorian era and its popularity continues today.
      • Gemstones - Diamonds are a traditional choice and vintage wedding sets have a much lower environmental footprint. You can pick the same cut to unify the look of your wedding ring set. Colored stones are a popular and beautiful choice as well. You can pick birthstones, a gemstone that has some other special meaning, or simply the gemstone you find most beautiful.
      • Wedding Ring Trends - Stacked and nested wedding bands are two of the hottest trends today. Wedding bands that are slightly curved so as to fit snuggly against an engagement ring are increasingly popular, especially if the wedding band can coordinate with a vintage engagement to create a unique bridal set. 

      Find The Perfect Wedding Ring Set

      Whatever your choice, a wedding ring set is a beautiful way to express your love and commitment. Picking a set together is a meaningful way to start your engagement and a lifetime of happiness. Find the right wedding ring set today from our wide variety of styles and periods.

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      133 products