White Gold Engagement Rings


      White gold is a very popular choice of metal for an engagement ring, or piece of jewelry. More affordable than platinum, it radiates a warmer appearance that you or your partner may desire. The perfect choice for someone who wants the look of platinum, yet yearns for the idea of the tradition of gold. Discover our vast selection of engagement rings set in white gold, which is sure to impress for a lifetime of happiness.

      White Gold Engagement Ring Design

      The warmth of a white gold engagement ring is undeniable. With an alluring appearance, yet easier on your budget, there is no sacrifice when considering one of our gorgeous engagement rings, or pieces of jewelry, set in white gold.

      • History Making - The government of the United States understood the necessity of platinum to help during World War II, therefore a ban was put in place on selling such precious metals for non military purposes. White gold became the metal of choice. Belais Jewelers was among the earliest manufacturers of white gold jewelry in the United States.
      • Perfect Combination - White gold looks like platinum yet has a warmer hue. It is a combination of gold, copper, zinc and nickel.
      • Antique Styles Galore - White gold was the metal of choice during the 1940's and 1950's, featuring larger diamonds with colored gemstone accents.
      • Versatility Abound - White gold is an exceptional metal to work with, especially for handcrafted rings. Soldering and polishing is easier for jewelers using white gold.

      Find the Perfect White Gold Engagement Ring

      White gold is the ideal choice for a durable, yet inviting engagement ring. If you, or your partner, are searching for that luxurious appearance, yet want a more practical setting, choosing one of our white gold engagement rings would be a decision you will relish for a lifetime.

      712 products

      712 products