Zircon Ring


      Colorful, radiant, and glistening, zircon gemstones are undeniably breathtaking. Zircon is an exceptionally versatile and affordable alternative to more expensive gemstones on the market. To find an unforgettable blue zircon ring for your significant other, explore curated collection of zircon rings. 

      About Zircon Gemstones

      Zircon is a stunning, versatile gem that has been featured in beautiful jewelry for millennia. It is a crystalline mineral that organically occurs in a range of colors and hues. Here are some quick facts to help you decide if it’s right for your engagement ring:

      • Color Varieties. Zircon is available in a wide range of color options. You can find jewelry featuring blue, purple, red, gold, and green Zircon in a variety of styles.   
      • Brilliant Sparkle. Zircon has strong brilliance and unparalleled sparkle caused by a natural double refraction.
      • Zircon was used as a healing stone during the Middle Ages. It was primarily believed to cure insomnia and rid the wearer of evil spirits. It is also said to promote wisdom and overall intelligence. 
      • Big & Bold. Because zircon is more affordable than some other gemstones, there are many rings available featuring this gem in large carat sizes. These can make for bold engagement rings and showstopping cocktail rings.
      • Historic Reputation. Because colorless zircon was used to imitate diamonds in the early 1900s, many people unfairly consider zircon an undesirable gemstone. More recently, people are appreciating this gorgeous gemstone for its unique sense of style and undeniable charm. It is important to note also that zircon is a naturally-occurring, authentic gemstone, and it should not be confused with artificially created cubic zirconia.

      Zircon Engagement Ring Designs

      The affordable nature of zircon makes it perfect for anyone looking for a show-stopping piece of jewelry with a commanding presence. Multiple cuts and colors are available, all of which are elevated by impeccable metal settings. If you’re after a statement-making piece of jewelry that features a colorful gemstone, a style that showcases zircon is an easy choice. 

      Its color versatility has given zircon a distinctive place in jewelry. It is often seen in antique engagement rings and Art Deco rings that are prized for their large, bold gems and pops of eye-catching color. Because of its color range, zircon may be set in white or yellow gold as well as platinum, and each setting is a lovely complement to the stone’s sparkle!

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      VintageDiamondRing.com offers only authentic zircon and each piece is carefully chosen from estate sales, auctions, vintage collections, and other sources worldwide. Explore our selection of vintage zircon engagement rings to find a truly one-of-a-kind, amazing piece that will sparkle as brightly as her personality.

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      15 products