What Are Gemstones?

Antique engagement rings with precious gemstones, or semi precious gemstones, are one of a kind treasures that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Decades ago, master jewelers sat behind benches for weeks on end producing beautiful antique rings we now consider works of art with beautiful filigree and milgrain embellishments. All of our gemstone engagement rings have a wonderful history behind them, and it can be an adventure trying to imagine the stories behind these one of a kind pieces.




member of the quartz family and know for it's deep purple color.


Art Deco Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

also part of the Beryll family and know for it's blue hues.


Victorian Moonstone Diamond 14 Kt Rose Gold Ring


gemstone cut that creates a dome shape and has no facets.



member of the quartz family and can vary in color from light yellow to smokey brown.

Cultured Pearl

Art Deco Engagement Ring

pearls which have been created artificially.


.90 Carat GIA E VS1 Tiffany and Co. Vintage Engagement Ring

Diamonds are valued for their incredible brilliance and hardness. Ranges from the colorless D color to pink, blue and fancy yellow.


Antique Cabochon Emerald and Onyx Diamond Ring


member of the beryll family. Known for it's deep green color and the Columbian mine Muzo.


known for its generally red hue, but its colors can range anywhere from green to brown.


occurs in a variety of colors but well known as jade.


Victorian Moonstone Diamond 14 Kt Rose Gold Ring


can appear colorless or white , its most popular appeal and value colorless with a blue hue.


Carved Crystal Quartz Art Deco Ring


may also occur in many colors but most popular is black. Part of the quartz family.


Victorian Engagement Ring


the most common type is a white opal with pastel flashes.


also occurs in many colors including purple, pink, yellow and the popular smoky color.



known for it's deep pigeon blood red color, from the mine Burma.


mined in Brazil and contains many different colors such as yellow, blue and green.


Estate  Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Ring


also mined in Brazil with colors ranging from pink and green.


Victorian Turquoise and Pearl Rose Gold Ring


these stones can range from a light or dark blue to a deep blue-green.



Colors such as green, yellow red, and blue. Very popular and historically used in the 19th and 20th century.