Old Mine Cut Diamond Education

Mine Cut diamonds , or Old Mine Cut diamonds, were the first antique cut diamond, and the first form of the modern brilliant cut diamond. They are also very similar to the antique cushion cut diamond. Diamond cutters did not have the knowledge, or available machinery, to produce these so they were cut by hand. Mine cut diamonds are shaped with a very high crown (the top of the diamond) with a very small table, thicker girdle, large pavillion faceting, and a large culet giving this a less stated look.

European Cut Diamond Education:

European Cut, or Old European cut diamonds are such a favorite of all antique jewelers throughout the world. This is a very popular antique cut also a small table, (although a larger table than its predecessor the mine cut diamond), more roundish than the miners cut with a thick girdle, large pavillion facets and a large culet, giving this beautiful cut the less stated look.

Antique Engagement Ring with Old European Cut Diamond

This beautiful antique engagement ring features a stunning center old european cut diamond weighing approximately 1.10 carat. This diamond is surrounded by six old european cut diamonds and twelve single cut diamond accents. Exceptional and a true favorite of ours!

Art Deco Engagement Ring with Old Mine Cut Diamond

This Art Deco engagement ring shows us the impeccable craftsmanship of the master artisans of the Art deco era. A beautiful antique miners cut diamond is featured in this one of a kind platinum, which is completed with beautiful filigree embellishment. Stunning and they don't come any finer!

Victorian Era Engagement Ring

This beautiful Victorian solitaire engagement ring showcases a glittering .35 carat old mine cut diamond residing in a rose gold setting, and completed with a unique hand pierced gallery of scrolling filigree. Fantastic and simply breathtaking.

Edwardian Era Engagement Ring

A beautiful .45 carat old european cut diamond resides in a two tier 18 kt white gold geometric square frame. This stunning Edwardian engagement ring is completed with a beautiful hand inscribed filigree design.

Retro Era Rose Gold Diamond Ring

This dazzling, authentic Retro era diamond ring features ten old miner cut diamonds residing in a Retro era two tone 18 kt white and rose gold ring. A very special retro era ring!

Vintage Cocktail Diamond Ring

This breathtaking, vintage cocktail ring features a vintage old european cut diamond weighing approximately .85 carat. This diamond is flanked by two trapezoid diamonds, two tapered baguette diamonds, and thirty eight old european cut diamonds . A spectacular ring and very hard to find.


Final Thoughts

What do you think about European cut diamonds and Mine cut diamonds? We love these wonderful antique diamond cuts and the beautiful antique rings they star in. Which antique engagement ring is your favorite? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter.