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A wedding ring is a timeless piece of jewelry, the ultimate symbol of a romantic union. These rings come in a wide range of styles and designs, but which is best for you? Consider our 10 best picks of stunning wedding rings for women to help inspire your choice of the perfect matrimonial jewelry.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • What is a woman's wedding ring?
  • 10 Best wedding ring styles
  • Pave wedding bands
  • Stacking rings
  • Textured rings
  • Gemstone rings
  • Bezel set rings
  • Openwork wedding rings
  • Multi-Row bands
  • Colored gold bands
  • Inspired styles
  • Heirloom wedding rings
  • Choosing a wedding ring 

What Is a Woman’s Wedding Ring?

There are no hard-and-fast rules for what styles constitute a “woman’s” wedding ring, but in general, rings for women tend to be thinner and more delicate so they look better suited to smaller hands and slender fingers. Many women’s wedding rings also feature additional diamond accents or other gems for extra sparkle and glamor, and many times the rings are designed to match engagement rings for
coordinated sets.

But… A woman’s wedding ring can be any style and design she prefers to suit her personal flair and jewelry fashion preferences. Our top picks showcase a range of beautiful wedding rings and exceptional styles that appeal to many different women.


10 Best Wedding Ring for Women Trends

There are many unique wedding ring trends that are fashionable and stylish for 2022. While not each option will appeal to every couple, with so many choices, every couple can find the perfect wedding ring to symbolize their union. Women have a wide range of jewelry styles to choose from – these best styles are the most universally popular and beautiful choices many women adore!

• Pave Wedding Bands

A classic style encrusted with diamonds, pave bands may have diamonds, diamond chips, or even gemstones along just a portion of the band or around the full circumference. If the band is fully covered with small, evenly matched stones, it is called an eternity band, and is a popular choice as an anniversary gift. 


• Stacking Rings

Delicate and amazingly customizable, stacking rings are thin, coordinated bands that can be arranged and rearranged in whatever way a woman’s fashion preferences change over time. The bands may feature stones and could have twists, waves, or other shapes for even more personalization and individual variety.


• Textured Bands

A For a woman who does not want a diamond wedding ring, a textured ring can provide great distinction without the need for extra bling. This allows the engagement ring to shine with its center stone, while the texture of the wedding ring – which may be scalloped, hammered, beaded, carved, twisted, braided, etc. – coordinates with the metal.


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• Gemstone Rings

WInstead of diamond accents in the wedding ring, a gemstone ring can be a lovely choice for any woman with a bold sense of style. Gemstones can also add more symbolism to the ring by representing the month of the wedding, the birthstones of the partners, or other significant dates or spiritual meanings.


• Bezel Set Rings

A bezel setting is a stunning option for a wedding ring that shows off diamonds while ensuring the stones are protected against damage even when worn daily. The alluring curves of a bezel setting also evoke a sense of whimsy and femininity, giving the wedding ring charm and character to match a woman’s personality.



• Openwork Wedding Rings

An openwork ring is a wider band that features more elaborate metalwork with symmetrical spaces and patterns that create a sense of delicacy and intricacy. This type of ring may resemble loose knots, lace, or vintage patterns, and is often set with diamonds or gemstones to enhance its sparkle and fire. 


• Multi-Row Rings

Instead of a thin band, a woman with larger fingers or who plans to wear the wedding ring without an accompanying engagement ring may prefer a multi-row ring. These broader rings feature 2-3 rows of diamonds or gemstones, often with coordinating shapes or alternating patterns of stone shapes for even more distinction.


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• Colored Gold Bands

While yellow gold, white gold, and platinum are the most popular metals for wedding rings, different colored golds can be beautiful options for women’s rings. Rose gold, for example, adds a romantic hue to the ring, while sage or chocolate gold are even more unusual choices that catch the eye and bring more unique style to even the simplest wedding ring..


• Inspired Styles

Many wedding rings for women are inspired by hot trends and styles. Popular movies and television shows, as well as timeless classics like Disney fairy tales, often inspire rings, and the jewelry of celebrities, superstars, and royalty often inspire new styles and similar rings every woman can enjoy.



Heirloom or Vintage Wedding Rings

Antique and vintage wedding rings passed down as family heirlooms can be amazing options for women, especially as they offer a personal connection and rich history of romance for the next generation of marital vows to build on. If a family heirloom isn’t available, choosing a new-to-the-couple vintage or antique ring can still offer those connections, such as being from the same era as a grandparent’s or great-grandparent’s wedding ring.


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Choosing a Wedding Ring

These top choices are just a few of the beautiful options available as wedding rings for women. By exploring different styles and a wide range of available choices with an open mind for unique designs, a couple can find the perfect style for that perfect woman’s ring finger.


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