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The asscher cut diamond is one of the most sophisticated and elegant and choices you can make for your diamond engagement ring. The more you know about what an asscher cut diamond is, and understand the history and symbolism behind it may help in your decision if an asscher cut engagement ring is the best choice to represent your engagement and future together.




An asscher cut diamond is a step, or square cut with a small table and rectangular facets that emphasize the depth drawing one's eye into the stone. While the asscher cut has an overall square shape, similar to a radiant or princess cut, the corners are actually heavily cropped to create a nearly octagonal shape. This cut has a high crown and deep pavilion. It traditionally includes 58 facets, though the “Royal Asscher cut” has 74 facets for even more sparkle and brilliance.



The Asscher cut was discovered by the Asscher brothers who were part of the family (who owned the Royal Asscher Diamond Company)  in 1902. The Asscher cut diamond quickly grew in popularity throughout the early 1900s, yet reached its apex in the 1920s, when it was a highlight of Art Deco jewelry designs due to its geometric distinctiveness. This cut typically has more sparkle and a “sweeter” look than a standard emerald cut. It produces a “hall of mirrors” effect in each stone’s depth when properly executed. The asscher cut diamond continued its popularity well into the 1970's and 1980's and is still quite popular today.

 Vintage asscher cut engagement ring



While the ideal length to width ratio of an asscher cut diamond is generally considered be 1.00 to 1.05, it can also be either very square or a bit rectangular. The overall dimensions are largely a matter of personal preference, but the table should be small rather than a square emerald cut which has a larger table.  Asscher cut diamonds depth percentage is an important characteristic in its look.  It should have a 60 to 69 % depth.



Since a true asscher cut diamond has 58 facets, and the royal asscher cut has 74, there is a very high crown.  This characteristic draws ones eye into the diamond, so the clarity of this type of diamond is important to be aware of. For asscher cut diamonds we recommend a VVS or VS clarity, yet you can find a rare SI1 or SI2 clarity where the slight imperfection will be hidden.



The asscher cut diamond was prominent in different eras throughout history, but really came into its own during the Art Deco era with its bold vintage flair. In addition, the mid-century modern styles saw  a resurgence of this cut during the 1970's and 1980s where it was found in many vintage and estate three stone rings.



In today’s marketplace asscher cut diamonds definitely cost less than a classic round brilliant or oval cut diamond.  Now would be the perfect time to look for an asscher cut diamond. An asscher cut diamond will always be exquisite and timeless. 




The Asscher cut diamond has many different meanings including an eight sided octagonal shape which signifies rebirth and resurrection.  


Asscher cut diamonds have been linked to many royal families including British and Holland royal family and has been linked to Japanese emperors.  A woman will enjoy her asscher cut diamond knowing she is in royal company. 


For those who love the glamour of Hollywood and the movies, you can enjoy an asscher cut diamond knowing it is a favorite of many celebrities. The asscher cut diamond has adorned the fingers of top names including Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson and Zooey Deschanel.

Asscher cut diamond ring


A recent survey taken by Ringspo.com shows that 1.1 % of the population wear an asscher cut engagement ring. The two most popular diamond shapes are the round brilliant cut followed by the princess cut.


It is no surprise that an asscher cut diamond is one of the most popular choices for and diamond engagement ring throughout the many eras of history. A true asscher cut diamond in an Art Deco engagement ring is very rare, but as a three stone engagement ring paired with side baguettes or asscher cuts will highlight the depth and beauty of this diamond. Regardless of the type of setting you choose, or the personal symbolism you connect with, an asscher cut diamond can be part of your wondrous journey together.


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Suzanne Sachs

Suzanne has always believed vintage rings can change lives. She's been in the jewelry industry for over 35 years, working with vintage jewelers, diamond dealers, diamond cutters, and gemologists. Suzanne started Artdecodiamonds in 2000 and understood the demand for vintage rings throughout the world. She ultimately started VintageDiamondRing.com in 2014, and understands each vintage ring is a reflection of you – your history, your relationships, your style, your elegance and is honored to have the opportunity to help you showcase your flair in a unique and exquisite way.


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