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With its enduring charm and timeless adaptability, a garnet makes a splendid choice for an engagement ring to symbolize your unique relationship. With its unique color, a gorgeous garnet engagement ring will flatter any skin type. Garnets hold special meanings and symbolism that can add a touch of magic to your proposal. Exploring and appreciating these symbolic attributes can aid you in determining whether they are the perfect rings to beautifully represent your journey together.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • What is Garnet?
  • Pearl Symbolization
  • Love and Purity
  • Nature
  • June Birthstone & 3rd Anniversary
  • Pearls Represent The Devine
  • Pearls Are Symbol of Something Precious
  • Pearls Are Associated with Moon and Renewal

    What is Garnet?

    Garnet, sometimes called carbuncle, is a silicate mineral most often associated with deep shades of red, but it can actually be far more colorful in orange, yellow, green, purple, pink, black, brown and blue hues. Some shades are so distinct that they have separate names that distinguish their color, such as rhodolite (rose-red), spessartite (orange or orange-red) and demantoid (green). Blue hues are the rarest and some of the most valuable garnet colors.


    Spiritual Meanings of Garnet

    Not only is garnet the traditional January birthstone, but it is also the state mineral of Connecticut and the state gemstone of Idaho. Garnets have been prized for millennia for promoting security and stability, particularly while traveling, and garnets are said to improve compassion and self confidence while easing depression and safeguarding against bad dreams.



    Garnet Symbolism

    Because of their most common deep blood red hue, garnets have been associated with...

    • Christ's sacrifice, and were a popular ornament and talisman during the Crusades.
    • These gems are also associated with Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war, yet they have a softer side as well, and are thought to contain a rich sensual energy.
    • In addition to its birthstone status, garnet is also traditionally associated with the second wedding anniversary and the Zodiac signs of Aquarius and Capricorn.
    • It is also an alternative selection for the sixth and nineteenth wedding anniversaries.


    Garnet Inclusions

    Garnets are generally inclusion-free, though some distinct inclusions can actually add to the gem's value. A roiled or turbulent effect with a wavering quality gives the stones a shimmering appearance, and stones with distinct cat's eye inclusions or horsetail-like effects are often more valuable than plain gems.


    Garnet Mines 

    These gemstones are widespread around the world, and are mined in many countries. The United States, Canada, China, India, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Turkey, Russia, Italy, Germany, Poland and Brazil are all producers of garnets, along with many other nations that produce these gemstones in varying qualities.



    Garnet History

    Because garnets are widely available, they have been used in jewelry and ornamentation for thousands of years. Garnets have been found as inlays in carvings as old as 3800 BC, and they were very popular during the Roman Empire as well. In more modern eras, garnets had a resurgence in popularity during the Victorian era, and many Victorian rings and other jewelry pieces used garnets in seed-like patterns to create more elaborate arrangements.


    Garnet Benefits

    While a beautiful garnet can be a stunning standalone gem, these rich stones are also lovely when paired with other accent stones.....

    • Pearls and diamonds are popular to pair with garnets, either enhancing the rich luster of the garnet or adding more sparkle to the jewelry.
    • While vintage pieces often put garnet in yellow gold settings, more modern settings in platinum and white gold give these timeless gems a sleek, updated look.
    • These are versatile stones and are found not only in antique rings, but also as part of necklaces, pendants, tiaras, hair pins, bracelets and other gemstone jewelry.


    Other January Birthstones

    While many months have one traditional birthstone and several alternates to suit jewelry aficionados of different tastes, garnet is such a diverse stone with so many breathtaking possibilities that it is the only birthstone associated with January. But whether you're looking for a stunning stone for a birthday, anniversary, ringing in the new year, celebrating a promotion, creating a special engagement ring or for any other special occasion this month, garnet is the way to go.


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